Have you ever felt the happiness, joy or tons of luck rushing your day? or maybe along the year? I have too, but it only lasts ‘a day’, I guess.. It was hard for me to decided when should I call my life is in a Luck or Just A Temporary of Happiness that sooner or later will bring myself in front of the bucket then start to cry a river.

Family, who are not trusting you so much. Friend, the one who gives you support but inside they pray to God to not let you win any battle. Enemies, not only wishing you for unlucky days but actually creating it.

I keep moving like there is nothing to be worried about, searching for someone right so I can tell everything. Not EVERYTHING, but a simple thing that I couldn’t show or even tell to everyone (Since the simple thing is not that simple to be disclosed). I did share a lot of things even my dreams to people out there without knowing it would be real or what would other’s think about me.

When I achieved something, I shared it like there is nothing more than this achievement, but I got failed for the last try and there is nothing that I can do- no more explaining, no more a self-pride. I was too opened, till it brings me ashamed and tried twice hard to be as perfect as what people expected.

The only thing that I can do now is keep my mouth closed so they won’t recover my weakness. But weakness is not an exact word to describe this. I mean, I stopped daydreaming, but I do what I’m doing till I found what is happiness without other people should know.


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