There are a lot of diseases either as a malignancy or the harmless one which are spreading widely across this goddamned world. People are stands in fear of this issues, one other thing is about cancer. Cancer is the most dangerous and virulent things and causes thousands of people were killed by its malignancy. It’s difficult to treat some types of cancer, because cancer is a class of disease characterized by an out-of-control cell growth system.
There are over 150 different types of cancer and each is classified in initial affected by the type of cell. Cervix Cancer, Ewing Sarcoma, Skin Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer are some types of cancer that oftentimes we heard. But also, we are knows another more common type of it called bone cancer which is rampant and only for those of people are understand this type of cancer.
Bone cancer becomes a type of cancer that can rush upon the bones because the cancer cell was stick and will either attack the adult or children. Cancer as a virus also can attack human because of human’s bad habits. Cancer also causes by carcinogens and effects of free radical that spread. People have to create a good habit to stay away from a cancer probability.
There are two kinds of bone cancers, first type of cancer is Primary Cancer. The cancer appear and attack the bones, while Secondary Cancer started elsewhere in a part of body and spread then got attack the bone. Example of Primary cancer include Osteosacroma, Fibrosacroma, Chordoma and some more.
Osteosacroma is the most common cancer. It can attack children and also adult, after laukimia and brain cancer, osteosacroma is the most common cancer that can rush upon people especially children. Cancer cell can be in spine, scapula, pelvis and all probability of the bones.
In generally nobody knows what causes of cancer are, no one can explain why some people gets the cancer. But in other side, researcher has found some genetics condition could causes people to get cancer. Here are some of genetics conditions that can rising the cancer cell growth like multiple exostoses and hereditary retinoblastoma.
The signs of this cancer are feel pain in neck and back, this pain can spread in another parts of body if they press the nerve and can causes an uncomfortable chronic. Feel extremely tired because of the pressure and impulse problem from the back side and because the cancer cells can block the digestive system and food cannot go through the intestines. food cannot pass through, then the nutrients from the food cannot be absorbed.
Patient’s sensitivity of a touch gets decreased because there is an upset in the back bone so that happens a change touching sensation, and some of body parts doesn’t work as well or maybe doesn’t work at all causes of the nerve has been separated
People are asking why the cancer hard to be treated, it is about not all types of cancer that can be treated by the medical treatment. The types of treatment for bone cancer depends on several factors including what type of bone cancer it is, where it is located, how aggressive it is and where it is localized or has spread.
There are three common ways of medical treatment for cancer like surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy or radiation therapy. The aim of surgery is to remove tumor, but sometimes the tumor may continue to grow and eventually spread in some part of body.
The surgeon will take off the bone, and take another bone part to replace the lost one. In radio therapy, they used X-ray to destroy any kind of cancer cells. Chemotherapy is to treat disease for more specifically is to slow down cancer progression.
This type of surgery is not always possible. It depends on how many secondary cancers there are and their size and shape. Because all types of fatal cancers are different, the way in which they are fatal is different. Some of the most fatal cancers are those which grow in a part of the body that is necessary for life: the lungs, the intestines, the brain, the liver, bone marrow.
People may have radiotherapy as your main treatment instead of surgery if the tumour is difficult to remove surgically. For example, Ewing’s sarcoma sometimes develops in the pelvis and it may be very difficult to remove. It is divided as four stages. Stage 1, the cancer has not spread out of the bone. Stage 2, same as stage 1, but it is an aggressive cancer. Stage 3, tumor exist in multiple places of the same bone or at least two. Stage 4, the cancer has spread to other parts of body.
Another type of cancer is Chondrosarsomas. Doctor will treat it with surgery but not asking patient to routinely use chemotherapy or radiotherapy to treat this type of bone cancer because these treatments don’t work very well with this type of bone cancer. In some condition, doctor may suggest radio therapy. Chordoma also usually treated with surgery followed by radiotherapy.
For these types of bone cancer like Sacroma, Ewing Sarcoma and Fibrosacroma, doctor often give chemotherapy before surgery to help disabling the tumor and make it easier to remove. Children and young adults who have high grade Osteosacroma may have a biological therapy called Mifamurtide (Mepact) alongside chemotherapy after surgery.
Not only those three ways of a medical treatment, there is also a natural one to help people treat the cancer. It is a China’s therapy for cancer patients particularly for osteosacroma cancer. Throughout this traditional treatment, Osteosacroma patients can avoid a conventional therapy but also to balancing a medical treatment, decrease the side effects before patients doing their chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
The conclusion of this topic is bone cancer can be primary bone cancer or secondary bone cancer. Primary bone cancer started in the bone, the cancer initially formed in the cells of the bone, while secondary cancer started elsewhere in the body and spread the bone. Bone cancers are like Steosacroma, Ewing sarcoma, chondrosacroma.
It is a dangerous disease that spread in this world. People can treat this cancer by three ways like surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It should be classified by what type of bone cancer it is, where it is located, how aggressive it is and where it is localized or has spread. But not also these ways, we can also take a traditional medical treatment from China. It has many good effects for the patients before doing their chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
When people get a bone cancer, there are signs like extremely get tired or having decrease sensitivity. Cancer as a virus who can attack human because of human’s bad habits. As long as we life, we know that cancer also causes by carcinogens and effects of free radical. So that, to do a determent of cancer especially bone cancer we need to apply a good habits.Image





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